Wine & Whiskey: Percy’s in Ballard

If you’ve ever been to Percy’s you’ll know this is one of the unsung heroes of Ballard. There’s an abundance of overpriced niche restaurants in the surrounding areas that make Happy Hour at Percy’s a budget-friendly diamond in the rough.

The fun starts at 4pm and goes until 6pm. Of course the good folks at Percy’s have a firm understanding of the special needs for Seattleites, especially on Monday’s, when the Happy Hour menu is available from 4pm until 2am.

Menu at Percy's in BallardHighlights from their Happy Hour menu include half priced bottles of wine and $2 off ALL beer, wine, cocktails, and pitchers.

imageFeeling hungry? Go for the gold! And by “gold” we mean the incredible crispy potatoes available for a humble $5. The Chili Lime Popcorn and Grand Central Bakery bread service are also great ways to kick off (or wind down) mid-week fun with co-workers and friends.Percy's Ballard

The kitchen at Percy’s is small but the ingredients and offerings are simple enough that dishes can be prepared relatively quickly depending on traffic. Whether you’re dealing with a case of the Monday’s or catching up with the girls, Percy’s provides the perfect landscape for a good time with great drinks!


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  1. […] You probably won’t hang around for very long, but thankfully there’s a lot to do (and eat) in Ballard where the infamous house is located. We chose to pay a visit to Bitteroot, which caught our eyes after a previous visit to neighboring Percy’s. […]


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