Going “Up” on a Tuesday

The myth, the legend, the balloons. After years of knowing about the sacred home (and inspiration for tear-jerking film “Up”) the voyage finally happened on a soggy Spring afternoon. The real story closely resembles the movie, but instead of a grumpy old man, Seattle had their very own elderly woman who remained devoted to her home and neighborhood until she took her last breath.

Visiting the house is much less awkward than you’d think. It’s a happy place filled with visitors that bring balloons to tie onto the fence surrounding the home. Young children, families, couples, and even a few hipsters were paying their respects on an unassuming afternoon.

You probably won’t hang around for very long, but thankfully there’s a lot to do (and eat) in Ballard where the infamous house is located. We chose to pay a visit to bitterroot, which caught our eyes after a previous visit to neighboring Percy’s.

Bitterroot focuses their fare on Southern BBQ influences with Pacific Northwest flair. Happy Hour runs from 3pm-6pm Monday through Friday, and 11pm-1am every night they’re open. Highlights include cheddar grits (USE THE VINEGAR!), a lovely creamed old fashioned, and freshly fried hush puppies. The best part? Everything on the Happy Hour menu is priced at a humble $5 or less.

Paid parking surrounds the building but a quick trip one block south of Bitterroot will lead you to free “back in only” parking. Don’t forget to ask the servers about the different sauces available, they’ve got a great staff full of advice to make your hour just a little bit happier.


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